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Visiting Tiger land to see one of the majestic creature Almighty has created is always enchanting and exciting. Ranathambhore National Park has shown various shades of its own, blessed with some fantastic moments and has never disappointed me. Every trip has given me an opportunity to treasure the raw nature at its best in the form of memories and stills.

One such trip in the fag-end of the summers ended up as a block buster with loads of drama and action captured. With the basic rule is not to keep any expectations and enter the park and witness what Mother Nature wants us to see. But its human tendency – we do keep expectations and if it is not fulfilled, we moan over it unknowingly. With the buzz of T 19 and T 39 with litters, photographing them was my deep desire. But seems Mother nature had something else to offer.

With the rain gods showering their love anytime, we were anticipating wash outs but were still hopeful of good sightings. Got lucky on the first safari with the handsome “Star Male” just few minutes as we entered the park lazing at Rajbaug lake and was confident that this time Mother Nature shall bless us in a big way... Something big was expected – thought would be lucky with the cubs....

For me and every wildlifer

  • Sighting a tiger and photographing him – you are lucky
  • Sighting a tiger walking for almost 2 kms alongside your safari vehicle – boss, you are really lucky.
  • Witnessing a tiger walking, stalking and crouching and photographing him – dream shots, god damn lucky
  • Witnessing a chase, eventually resulting in a kill – Finding gold dust!!!
  • Photographing this kill sequence of a male tiger killing a blue bull antelope – #$@%^ you must be kiddin me.

Yes!! You read it right!!!!! Witnessing a huge male “Romeo” also called as “T 6” giving all the possible moves he could and his skills to bring down the blue bull antelope in mere seconds right in front of us.. This entire series of events shall always be fresh in my memories. As I witnessed this raw nature in front of me, I was spellbound to believe that its happening in real or it is a Nat Geo / Animal Plant / Discovery Channel documentary watched by me. I refrained to remove the finger from the shutter button despite of the hands shivering with excitement. A feeling which cannot be described in words as I ensured that I click every moment of this excitement. Mother Nature has blessed us – and such opportunities shall not knock the doors always. After GBs of data of this series, I am zapped to see the output!! Right from crouching, chase, pounce and kill – the entire sequence is captured from my third eye – A NATURAL HISTORY MOMENT indeed !!!

Experts mentions that it is too rare to see a tiger kill but is all the more rare to see a “male hulk tiger” kill sequence. Freaking few of the lucky guys!!!!

The entire series and more images of my trip to this wonderland shall be shared on www.junglebook.co.in / www.yogeshrane.com

 RSS  Disclaimer : This photograph is taken in the natural habitat. Incase if anybody needs the copy of this picture, please contact me. All Rights Reserved by Yogesh Rane (www.junglebook.co.in / www.yogeshrane.com)