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Beautiful Sibia Green-billed Malkoha Maroon-backed Accentor Streaked Spiderhunter
Black Redstart Grey Treepie Plumbeous Water Redstart Ward's Trogan Female
Blue Fronted Redstart (Female)
Hoary-throated Barwing
Red Headed Trogon Ward's Trogan Male
Common Redstart Indian Courser
Rufous Sibia
White-capped Water Redstart
Common Hoppoe Indian Roller Rufous Treepie White-tailed Nuthatch
Crested Bunting (female) Jungle Nightjar Rufous-breasted Accentor Yellow-rumped Honeyguide
Crested Bunting (male) Large Billed Crow Rusty-fronted Barwing Himalayan Cutia
Eurasian Magpie Little Spiderhunter Rusty-fronted Barwing Bugun Liocichla
Fire-breasted Flowerpecker Malabar Trogon - male Small Niltava Haubara Bustard
Bar-tailed Treecreeper Eurasian Jay Yellow-billed Blue Magpie Hoppoe


 RSS  Disclaimer : This photograph is taken in the natural habitat. Incase if anybody needs the copy of this picture, please contact me. All Rights Reserved by Yogesh Rane (www.junglebook.co.in / www.yogeshrane.com)