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Dikhala Grassland Tiger (m)
Dikhala Grassland Tiger (m)

The eyes searched the striped beauty in grasslands of Dikhala, In one of the water bodies where Chuiapani wali female was spotted with cubs over the past few days, we waited for few minutes with a hope to site her again.

As we waited, suddenly - Driver called, "Sir, Tiger grassland mein!!!.. And the adrenaline levels peaked, the eyes started looking for stripes moment in the grasslands.

Sir, yeah paani ki taraf aayega!! And we positioned ourselves anticipating the obvious. Off the grass blades comes a male, crossed a small patch of water patch and enters the shrubs.

No calls from monkeys, cheetals, sambhars. No tracking of pug marks. 

Nature blessed us!!!

A male tiger (unnamed) was capture d in our cameras.

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