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Story of an unlucky Sandpipier
Story of an unlucky Sandpipier
Story of an unlucky Sandpipier Story of an unlucky Sandpipier  
Story of an unfortunate Common Sandpiper
Buying time from the busy schedules to spend time with the loved ones is always there on anybody's agenda and so was mine. Watching and photographing my winged buddies on a weekend is always a stress buster for me.
One such weekend and we (me and Nitin Joshi​) headed to Uran early morning. As we walked, Nitin came across an injured sandpiper who struggled to fly. Quickly picking the injured, we could see that the part of the wing burnt and blood osing out of one of the wings. The grass around too was burnt which could have been the culprit of this injury.
With the only survival chances could be to get the bird close to the water so that it could be with the flock, we slowly dropped this injured in the waterbody nearby. With scavengers hovering in air as well as on ground, we thought it was his only surviving chance. 
The bird travelled a short distance and tried to hide behind the twigs. With the fate already written, few attempts by the black kites failed but could not survive from the eyes of the threat from the ground. The dog travelled along the muddy patch leading towards the twigs in the marshy waters and picked his catch.
With quite a few tosses in air, the playful mood of the dog wrote the fate of the bird. After a while, the dog took its catch away for some morning breakfast.

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