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Road of life
Road of life

Road of life

I have walked a long way 
Saw many ups and downs in life
I am responsible for the path I chose

Good days of my life gave me memories to cherish.
Bad days of my life gave me lessons to remember.
A bag full of memories and lessons as my take away from life.

Now its time not to look back.
The scars on my body and soul shall be my stepping stones.
The sweet memories shall push me to achieve my goals.
I have left the road of yesterday.
Now its time, not to prove to those jokers of my life but to self, that I can.
It is time to bade good bye to yesterday and welcome today, plan for a happy tomorrow.

A picture speaks for self. This image, although a simple one, appeals me a lot.



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 RSS  Disclaimer : This photograph is taken in the natural habitat. Incase if anybody needs the copy of this picture, please contact me. All Rights Reserved by Yogesh Rane (www.junglebook.co.in / www.yogeshrane.com)