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White-tailed Nuthatch
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White-tailed Nuthatch
White-tailed Nuthatch

White tailed Nuthatch

Sometimes nature surprises you by presenting themselves when you least expect it. With my fella group members busy with their landscape photography decided to take a walk few meters away from them.

As I walked alongside the road, to my surprise this chap few from nowhere and perched right next to me alongside the road in search of something which interested him. Fortunate of me, had my 500 in hand and could manage to get few clicks (full frame) of this chap before he could push off to another perch.

Nature comes with all surprises.
You need to be there 
At the right time
With the right gears
In a right place
And enjoy clicking!!!!

So many Rights!!! Opportunities doesn't come always, strike when it is offered on the platter.


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