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Snow-capped Peak
Snow-capped Peak

Life teaches us no pains no gains!!!

Getting up early morning 3:30 am
Gearing up mentally and physically
For a 4 km trek of Tunganath
Where temperatures gave us numb fingers
With our third eye in our hands
And a hope to have clear skies
And a sight of the elusive Monal


The O2 levels dropping as we climbed every feet
The panting and the heart beats felt with every step
It was a test of body versus mind
The enthu and the desire kept us walking
The glowing stars started to fade
The pitch black skies started turning blue
Could witness the snow capped mountains at an eye levels


And then comes the first ray!!!
The feeling to witness had been magical
We were 12,000 feet above the sea level
The feeling to achieve it was commendable


Nature has been beautiful and nobody can be closer to this competition.


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