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Pallas's Fish Eagle - hunting
Pallas's Fish Eagle - hunting

Pallas's Fish Eagle is also known as Pallas's Sea Eagle or Band-Tailed Fish Eagle, is a large, brownish sea-eagle.

I was lucky to witness the entire sequence. This skilful hunter was perched on the branch of the tree on the cliff as it is the usual perch of these fishing raptors. Busy concentrating in the shallow flowing waters of Ramganga, we were clueless about what we were going to witness. This hunter flew on the water, launched his sharp claws and pounced with his strong legs in the water. With the first attempt futile, he launched again in the air upto 5-6 feets and again targeted the fish, caught the fish and took off. Landed near the banks of the river and feasted on the fish again flew back in the river, drank water and flew away. The drama was for approximately 10 minutes and was indeed truly a treat to watch this “vulnerable and near threatened” raptor displaying its hunting skills.

This image was selected in the top 21 images during “Canon Wild Clicks 5” the only live photo competition which was held the wonderland Jim Corbett.

More about Pallas’s Fish Eagle

It has a light brown hood over a white face. The wings are dark brown and the back rufous, darker underneath. The tail is black with a wide, distinctive white stripe. Underwings have a white band. Juveniles are overall darker with no band on the tail. Its diet consists primarily of large freshwater fish. They also regularly predate water birds, including adult Greylag Geese, by assaulting them on the surface of the water and then flying off with the kill. Since that goose species is slightly heavier than the eagle, this is one of the greatest weight-lifting feats ever recorded for a flying bird. The conservation status of Pallas's Fish Eagle is Vulnerable, with a population of about 2,500 to 10,000 remaining. Besides direct persecution, humans contribute to the decline of this species through habitat degradation, pollution, and draining or overfishing lakes. In India, the eagle is also threatened by the spread of water hyacinth (Eichhornia spp.) which spread over lakes and make finding prey difficult. The large range is deceptive, as Pallas's Fish Eagle is rare and isolated throughout its territory and may not breed in large areas of it.


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