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Patiya wali Female
Patiya wali Female

Bhandhavgarh National Park always provides action.. It was the last day of our trip and we luckily got Maghadi zone. Patiyawali tigress ruled the meadow which is also known as the graveyard as along the dried grass, you can only find bones of the dead. This tigress had 6-7 weeks old litters during that time. She did not give any good sightings for quite some days. That day morning, it was understood that she had made a kill of a young male cheetal and was protecting her kill and her litters.

 With all expectations at the peak, we headed towards the zone. Many gypsies parked at that spot, the wait started. The vultures sitting on the top of the trees far off indicated that the kill is still there and so shall be the majestic animal. With the heard of cheetals grazing nearby, we thought she might not be... We waited patiently... After an hour’s wait, far off we heard two male cheetals fighting – probably impressing the females nearby for mating. With our concentration on the fight, we lost our focus on what is happening at the other side of the zone...

With this noise, she emerged from the grass and started charging... “Tiger.... Tiger” the gypsy drivers and the guides whispered.... Watching her, the heard nearby this action was alert and the alarm calls started. The typical alert mode of the cheetals happens to be ears straight, tail pointing up and eyes towards the predator. Male cheetals are always venerable when they are engrossed in a fight for their pride and bride. Taking this as an opportunity, she charged further... But the rest of the heard surrounding the male cheetals started scattering towards the opposite direction, further alerting these males and the charge was not fruitful.

Believe that this charge was purely to threaten the male cheetals as she found the aggressive behaviour a threat to her young ones. She had her tummy full and was evident. Later on she headed back to a nearby water body, did her spray markings on one of the shrubs, drank some water, and approached towards her kill. She sat there with her kill for few moments. By this time it was time for us to leave the much exciting drama. The guide and the driver became impatient as they had to head towards the forest gate in that stipulated time frame as the forest guards are strict with the incoming and outgoing timings and could penalize them for exiting late.

The gypsy who headed in the end mentioned that after few gypsies left the place, this tigress felt comfortable and dragged the carcass to a nearby water body, hardly any distance from the gypsy and rested there. Human tendency, as always, wanting a bit extra, wished could have been there for another 15 mins to witness this action. But need not have to say that the earlier action was worth treasuring for my life time.

This is a picture wherein the Patiahwali tigress failed an attempt of charging at the male cheetals and returned back to her kill.

Disclamer: This photograph is taken in the natural habitat. Incase if anybody needs the copy of this picture, please contact me. © All Rights Reserved by Yogesh Rane (  /


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 RSS  Disclaimer : This photograph is taken in the natural habitat. Incase if anybody needs the copy of this picture, please contact me. All Rights Reserved by Yogesh Rane ( /